Glass splashbacks – a worthy investment

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Glass splashbacks are suitable in a wide range of applications. They can be used in the kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry rooms and even in the bars and restaurants. They are beneficial in adding practicality to a room as well as art. Additionally, they are instrumental in protecting the walls from the sink’s debris. Also, glass splashbacks tie larger elements of a room together. The aesthetic appeal brought about by these artistic pieces is undeniable. If you are living in Melbourne, there is a wide spectrum of glass splashbacks Melbourne wide that can fit into your style, whether traditional or contemporary. Whatever the style, one thing you can’t second guess is the aesthetic appeal they will add to your room. Not only that, one can clean them easily, and these offer infinite color options and have a sleek design. These qualities make them perfect for interior uses in the various areas of application, including bench tops, showers, laundry surfaces and wet areas in the bathroom.

Last year, it was noted that in Melbourne only more than 40% people opted for glass splashbacks while doing up their houses. This clearly shows the recent trends and what you must also try.

Finding the right splashback

Expert suppliers of glass splashbacks in Melbourne will be of great help when it comes to finding the perfect splashback that will blend in with your décor. This is because they have knowledge on the wide range of colors available that buyers can choose from. Neutral hues, bold statements and even gloss colors, there is something for everyone. Also available are smaller sheets, frosted glass and layering that serve to provide alternative looks, designs as well as patterns. The experts will also offer advice on the best shapes and setups.

Benefits of glass splashbacks

There are numerous advantages to using a glass splashback. They are durable and long-lasting as the glass splashbacks Melbourne manufacturers sell have a tough glass that can withstand heat. This makes them very valuable assets in the kitchen. Their striking reflective surface gives them an aesthetic appeal in the areas they are installed, no matter the architectural setting. Also, glass offers a large, seamless surface that is easy to maintain. In fact, all you need is to wipe them using regular cleaning supplies you use. Even so, glass does not stain mud or grow mold.


Most Melbourne glass splashbacks manufacturers use clear glass that has natural-green tint that enables it to match dark, cool and strong colors. Also some glass splashbacks Melbourne manufacturers make use Sapphire that doesn’t need green tint. They instead are a low-iron glass. This makes them blend in with light and bright colors. Additionally, most of them have a toughened glass which is about 6mm thick and gives strong, durable characteristics. Thus, they are resistant to heat. Their manufacturers also require adherence to the Australian building standards.

As a safety tip, ensure you have clean, smooth surfaces behind the splashbacks that are free of sharp imperfections that could be detrimental to the painted glass surface. You can never go wrong when you buy glass splashbacks in Melbourne for installation in your home as there are a gazillion benefits that come with this wise step.

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