How to Get Started with Local SEO Marketing

Maricel Houston | October 16, 2018 | 0 | Uncategorized

A lot of businesses are normally intimidated by the notion of local SEO in Raleigh. Many have reclined to the comfort of normal or traditional SEO and their websites are probably doing good too so they do not like to rock the boat by trying something new when it comes to Raleigh SEO campaigns. Local SEO does not rock the boat. It is a very straightforward way of expanding your reach and laser-targeting your market in order to increase your sales and expand your business. However, just like normal Raleigh SEO, local SEO will take some time and effort.


There are Raleigh web design services that also specialize in local SEO. These are generally the best businesses to work with as they are able to give you an integrated service which allows you to boost your rankings considerably. Since it is not rocket science, here is a simple guide on how you can launch your Raleigh SEO for the local market:

Correct the Local Citation

The first step when it comes to local SEO is generally to ensure there your listings are accurate and also appropriate all over the web. Start by claiming your profiles in the various local directories, reviews and listings websites like Yelp. Have a list of all the local directories which are relevant to your business and ensure all of these are updated with accurate information about your business. The most important business information which should be up-to-date include business address, phone number and business name.  They also need to be formatted in a consistent manner across all the channels. Even the slightest of discrepancies in this information could result in a drop of rankings for your business so there is need for meticulousness when updating this information.

Local Content and Relationships

After verifying the accuracy of your business information, it is now time to optimize your web content for the local market in order to ensure it is locally relevant. Optimizing articles is generally the simplest part when it comes to content optimization. Just ensure that the names of location such as city, region or even neighborhood is mentioned several times in the articles and in the article title and headings. This will ensure that this content is relevant to your location.

You must also invest in relationship building particularly in the local information articles and local news articles. Take time to write insightful guest posts on some of the local news outlets as well as blogs. Write press releases often on the local news portals. Chase Marketing Solutions

Local Reviews and Reputation Management

Encourage your customers to post reviews on sites such as Yelp and other reviews website. There are nuanced way of encouraging satisfied customers to post reviews so do not nag them and create an obligation on their part to give you positive reviews. For example, you can let your customers know that you have a presence on these websites by embedding links on your home page or next to your products and services. Do not solicit directly. It should be done in a tongue-in-cheek way.

There are generally the building blocks when it comes to Raleigh SEO. For onsite issues, you can contact web design Raleigh market offers to fix these and increase your site’s optimization. It is important to note that some of the web design services Raleigh companies offer also include an SEO component but you need to verify that they are also offering local SEO services.

So why wait? Take measures now and begin implementing a robust local SEO ongoing strategy that will help you build a market dominating presence. Stay on course and compound your efforts and you will begin seeing very good results in local rankings.

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