Learn How to Avoid Downtime by Cleaning Data Centers

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Cleanliness leads to a better environment and this is true when it comes to operations of a data center. Like other operating environments, data centres are often dynamic and involve a lot of IT work. When left unclean, the sites’ operations can suffer greatly from accumulated dust and dirt, which eventually slows its progress.

Cleaning of data centres is an important program that ensures all activities take place in a safe and healthy environment that support efficient operations. In fact, many companies involved in data center services are currently pursuing green data center in their operations. Cleaning the sites is a crucial step that should take place right from the end of construction and continue throughout the life of the facility.

Reasons for Data Center Site Cleaning

By removing dust and dirt that accumulate in the sites, the system becomes more reliable and increases its uptime by a significant margin. In the end, it extends the lives of electronic devices and servers involved, which in turn leads to increased efficiency. For bigger data centres such as Facebook, Google, or YouTube, which operate on a 24-hour basis, efficiency is quite important in order to deliver their intended objectives.

Consumers of data center services need to ensure that they engage reliable companies to provide them with comprehensive site cleaning services right from the time construction work ends, throughout the entire life of the facility. Reputable companies that offer site cleaning services should provide clients with certified technicians who are also trained to clean such sites thoroughly as required.

Site Cleaning Services

The activity involves cleaning both above floors and below the raised floors and focus on places that attract most dust and dirt. In such services, only experienced cleaning professionals are involved because they are aware of what it involves by conducting thorough cleaning in a data center. Cleaning services mainly involve:

  • Cleaning of exterior hardware
  • Cleaning the tops of floors
  • Cleaning under the floors and the ceiling plenums

Regular cleaning services in data centers are one way to achieve the ideals of a green data center. The services can take place based on a schedule between the company involved and the customer. For example, it can be once a day, once a week, or once a month. The main point to observe is to engage a company that can offer reliable services to customers. What that means is ability to provide trained cleaning personnel with the right tools to deliver effective results.

Cleaning of a data center site is also necessary for preparation if a new IT facility is coming up. Clearing of dust and dirt enables the facility to start on a fresh platform for a greater efficiency. However, it is important for consumers to understand that data centers do not only require site cleaning services. Other important aspects are data center management, design, and facilities, which are closely linked to their operations. For the effective provision of such services, it is essential to engage a company that understands how data centers work, what is involved in their operation, and the necessary steps involved to make them more efficient.

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