Do you charge an investigation fee if you’re unable to repair my Television?
Because we’re confident that we’re more likely to repair your TV than not, we’ll only charge you when we successfully repair your TV. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to repair it, there is no charge.

Do you charge a fee if you’re unable to get the parts for my TV repair?
Because we repair to component level we do not rely so much on replacement boards that are often difficult to find. Again, we are that confident of a repair that we only charge if we’re successful in repairing your Television.

My screen is cracked, can you repair it?
If your screen (TFT Panel) is cracked or smashed it can’t be repaired, the panel will need to be replaced. From our experience, in most cases the price of a new panel would make the TV beyond economical repair. However, we do keep a stock of salvage screens that we fit as part of our “Fixed Price Repair”. Whether we have a screen to fit your TV can only be determined by visual inspection as most models will have had several different screens fitted during it’s production period.

Is there a charge for an estimate to repair my TV?
No, if for any reason we’re unable to complete a TV repair at our ‘Fixed Price Repair’ an estimate will be given, you will not be charged if you reject this estimate.

Do you sell parts for me to do my own TV repair?
Sorry, no. We do not sell parts to anybody outside the trade. The repair of any electronic item that plugs into the mains, should only be done by a suitably qualified person. The mains is dangerous and can KILL. Yours, and your families life depend on a safe repair. Selling parts to unqualified persons would be encouraging unsafe practice, it would be unethical for us to do this.

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