Go On Go Green

Go On Go Green

Worldwide efforts are needed to reduce the environmental damage caused by redundant, faulty and discarded electronic equipment. The short lifetime of today’s electronic equipment leads to mountains of waste.

Environmentally, repairing of TVs saves on the energy and materials used in making new ones. Users should think carefully about whether they really need to buy a new TV.

As many TV manufacturers now consider TVs to be a consumable item, spare parts are often not made available. At Omi we repair to component level so we don’t rely on replacement boards from the manufacturer. Using readily available components and salvaged parts we are able to repair most TVs sent to us for repair.

That’s many saved from the scrapheap. Of the remaining TVs, those that are left by our customers are stripped for any reusable parts leaving very little to waste. This is good news for our environment, and for our customers it’s a repair at a fraction of the price of a new TV.

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