TV Repair Prices

Because we’re confident that we’re more likely to repair your TV than not, we will only charge you when we successfully repair your TV.  In the unlikely event that your TV is unrepairable, there is no charge.

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LCD TV Repair Prices

Flat panel TV repair price list inc. LED Backlit LCD TV
This is the price you pay for your TV repair and includes; labour, most parts, and VAT. *
No investigation fee. In the unlikely event that we’re unable to repair your TV, you pay nothing. *

LCD Flat panel TV repair                                Fixed Price.
Up to 17″£  50.00
Up to 19″£  60.00
Up to 24″£  93.00
Up to 32″£117.00
Up to 42″£144.00
Over  42″£192.00
DVD, DVR and VCR  etc.  from£  54.00
Refundable insurance estimates **£  54.00

Please note: Cracked LCD (Flat Panel)
If your screen (TFT Panel) is cracked or smashed it can’t be repaired, the panel will need to be replaced. From our experience, in most cases the price of a new panel would make the TV beyond economical repair. However, we do keep a stock of salvage screens that we fit as part of our “Fixed Price Repair”. Whether we have a screen to fit your TV can only be determined by visual inspection as most models will have had several different screens fitted during it’s production period.
At Omi we specialise in flat panel LCD TV repair and therefore don’t repair CRT TV’s. For a professional CRT TV repair local to Stevenage we recommend Fraser TV Services Please click here for their details
We will repair any LCD TV brought into our workshop in Stevenage. If we are too far away for you, a list of national TV engineers can be found Here

  • See our “Fixed Price” explained.
    ** Refundable on repair or may be claimed on insurance

Recycle Repair

Worldwide efforts are needed to reduce the environmental damage caused by redundant, faulty and discarded electronic equipment. The short life given to today’s electronic equipment leads to mountains of waste.


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